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Project Overview

Push Start is a personal project that supports and bridges the gap between the casual and professional gaming communities. With the ever growing popularity and acceptance of e-sports, Push Start positions itself as a destination hub for all things E-Sports. Push Start provides a platform that will develop, support, and continue the growth of acceptance, popularity, and professionalism of E-Sports and the gaming community.

Research and User-Centric Process

For Push Start, the goal wasn’t just to create a platform but to challenge myself to create something using the years of experience I’ve acquired through my work history. This project was an opportunity to utilize and refine my personal process, putting an emphasis on Discovery, Research, and UX. By putting the intended users at the core of the process, each decision can be made objectively based on research.

Discovery and Research
E-sports is a growing market with potential for investment.
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2018 E-Sports Revenue Streams | Global
User Experience
Creating Empathy

The UX process is centered around two main principles, Empathy and Design Thinking. The main objective isn't to just create a platform but to build a story that is centered around each intended user, identify the gaps, and provide them with an experience that is both desirable and viable.

Brand and Visual Design